7 Signs Asides a Breast Lump To Look Out For During a Breast Exam

A breast lump is not the only sign you should look out for while performing a breast examination. Are you surprised? I believe a lot more other women only have a lump in mind when they finally get to perform a breast examination. There are 7 other signs which are discussed in this video.

There are generally two steps to performing a self-breast exam: look and feel. These 7 signs are what a lady looks for while going through that step. So, it is not just feeling for lumps. You have to carefully look too- maybe with a mirror.

Below, in the video are 7 other signs you must not miss out on.

Perharps, you are not quite sure what exactly you feel in your breasts when you examine them, you should have a proper clinical breast examination done. Early detection is key for survival!.

As of now, we are beginning to see young girls, some less than 30 with this disease. A lady doesn’t have to go through any of that. A regular breast examination can help you prevent this disease.

Take charge of your health today!

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