About Us

Health platforms is an organization dedicated solely to its operational mandate of  improving the health of people through education, care and support.

We have found that education plays a major role in empowering individuals,patients and their families with the needed knowledge to prevent, treat or better manage health conditions.

We understand that the utmost priority of every good clinic is satisfying patients and helping them attain overall health again. Many times, the doctor to patient ratio will not give doctors the time to have comprehensive education sessions with patients and families.

To achieve our set objectives, we work with doctors to setup online education platforms for hospitals, clinics and health organisations by conducting researches to come up with  bespoke and diverse kinds of health content (videos, brochures, leaflets, posters etc.) aimed at promoting health literacy.

We also help with support in creating online marketing campaigns, advertising services in very attractive ways aimed at helping health organization meet objectives and targets.

Our goal is to help both doctors and patients achieve success in and out of the clinic through improved health communications.

Meet the Founder

Stephanie Nyong is a women’s health education and development expert that oversees the current work on improving the total wellbeing of the African mother and child.

She is the founder and visionary of the Be-Me Africa Project. This is an arm of expression of her passion and expertise.

Stephanie has worked on several projects within and across industries and currently seeks to turn her mission into a common reality that seeks to achieve the set objectives.

Stephanie also runs periodic workshops, training’s and forums both offline and online as the back end of several projects she runs.

She is admired in the industry she serves as a role model and symbol of professionalism.

Stephanie has the capacity to deliver on the current demand for women’s health education in Nigeria.

You can connect with her via her social media handles @stephanie_nyong.

You can also contact her via telephone on 08085710568 or email her at stephnyong@healthplatformsng.com