Stephanie Nyong- The Health Teacher

Hello… My name is Stephanie Nyong, ‘The Health Teacher.’ I am that health educator that loves her job 100%. You will almost always find me speaking about how to live healthier or giving tips on how to prevent one disease or the other both online or offline. The good thing is; Health information is always interesting with me. When I’m not writing, conducting a research, shooting or editing a video, I’m probably taking a break to binge watch my favorite series on Netflix or YouTube (You know what they say: All work and no play…Lol) I could go on and on about why I do what I do but to be precise, I’ll say they revolve around some of my favorite health quotes; Prevention is better than cure! Early detection is key! Why dont you take a little time to go through a few books I've written that could help keep your health game at a 100%. You will learn a lot! Most times, all we need is the right information.

Letting My Guards Down- Confessions of a Church Girl

A young girl got a scholarship to travel abroad on a platter of gold. Having excelled at topping her class and bagging an extra degree, she returned home to her family, who were very proud of her achievements. Sadly, a dark secret she had held on to for many years was about to rob her of her joy as well as change the course of a once peaceful family. Would she save the face of her family at the detriment of her health or would she come out clean and lose her parents trust forever?




For Ten Thousand Dollars- The aftermath of an unintended office romance

A 28 year old geek is forced to discover herself in situations she never imagined herself in. Would getting into a bet to get her boss fall in love with her be a price too much to save her mother's life? Enter your details below to read the first chapter for free

Choices- To be alive and loved is entirely your choice

Danielle was a promising young girl who lost her mum to breast cancer very early in her life. Her Father was all she had and they had a bond so tight that no one could ever break until he decided to take a new bride. This unfavorable change fueled her determination to find answers concerning her mother’s death. In doing this, she found her purpose in life starting her career as a Medical Doctor and her journey through self-awareness began. The Slogan, “Doctors save lives” was very much what Danielle lived by every day of her life. She had no other obligation than fulfilling this to the best of her abilities. Having to make the choice of a life partner between two potential suitors with very distinct character traits was the only problem she assumed she had until she accidentally discovered a lump in her breast and her life came to a pause. Would she suffer and die from the same condition that snatched her mother’s life or fight to stay alive? Would she be open to receive love or beg to be loved? It is her choice to make!

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