For Ten Thousand Dollars: The aftermath of an unintended office romance-Episode 2


Taking a Decisive Step

The next morning, as soon as Ranti came into the office, she walked straight to my desk and asked what my meeting with Mr Deji was about. “I hope you are not losing your job as quickly as you may lose your mum.” She said. In anger, I stood up and moved very close to her like I was going to walk into her body. “On the contrary Ranti, I am never losing my job and I'm in for the bet.” “What did you just say?” Ranti asked in shock as she burst into laughter. “Okay then. Let the game begin.” She said still laughing. “You are in for the shock of your life, I replied as I stretched out my hand for a handshake.” “Sure. Can’t wait.” She replied, giving me a handshake.
What was I thinking entering into a bet with Ranti I asked myself as I turned around. I took a closer look at my slender figure in the mirror on the wall as I walked back to my seat. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head say “you wish you had a nicer figure right?” Yes indeed. How do I tell her I'm no longer interested? I thought. Maybe I should admit it was only a joke. I thought again as I looked towards her desk. I kept on hearing two voices at the same time. 1st Voice: She knows already. Just tell her you are no longer interested and be free. She will only tease you. It's better than embarrassing yourself. 2nd voice: You can do this Cleo. You are stronger than you think. Let’s do this. So, I decided to go with the 2nd voice. Are you okay Cleo? Ranti asked after watching me stare into space continuously. “Yea sure. ” I replied bracing myself. “Quit the pretense and spill it- You can't do what I'm asking of you. Just say it.” Now everyone was staring at us wondering what we were talking about. “If you don't mind I am busy Ranti. Can we get back to doing what we are paid to do?” I asked with a confident smile that got her more confused.
“Wow this is looking more serious than I thought.” I said as I quickly went on to search google for clues on how to have the perfect look, win a guys heart and so much more. The information I found was overwhelming. I decided to shut down my laptop and close for the day. Afterall,I had the weekend all to myself. I could spend enough time on my research. I got home in time and just a few minutes after I laid in bed, I got a surprise visit. It was Ladi, my friend from the University. Asides everything else that made her really sweet, she had an amazing sense of style and fashion. She couldn't have come at a better time. “Welcome Ladi. It's been ages.” I screamed as I gave her a doting hug. “I almost thought you forgot about me.” She said as she fell in the chair tired from the Lagos stress. “Ladi I will need your help urgently.” I pleaded with her after dropping her luggage in the room. “You seem desperate. Is everything okay? She asked looking into my eyes. “I hope it's not money Cleo because I don't have o. It's the last cash I had on me I used in buying the ticket here. I am patiently waiting for my new catch to credit my account.” She laughed as she flung her hair behind her. “It’s not money Ladi. I want to be beautiful, dress my best. I want to be like you -hot enough to get a CEO dying to be with me.” “What did I just hear?” She asked laughing and looking around to be sure it wasn't a prank. “Stop being silly Ladi. I am serious.” “Okay so what's the motivation for this new style?” sShe asked as she moved closer to me. I know you Cleo, something is up. You better tell me or else I won't help you.” She said as she stretched her legs on the couch waiting for a reply. I told her all there was to know and more and after listening to me, she said; “I love this. You see that money, it is yours already.” I had a total makeover the next day and I couldn't believe how affordable it was to look really beautiful.
“Sir, you called me.” I said quickly trying to divert his attention. “Yea Cleo. Please sit.” While we discussed about copies, I tossed and turned in my chair but he didn’t seem to notice anything. “Did all my effort go to waste?” I asked myself. I made up my mind this was the end for me. The last thing I would want to do is make a fool of myself. I got to my desk really sad. I mean who wouldn’t after all the work I put in to look desirable. Once I picked up my phone, I got a text that read: "You look really nice. Your makeover looks good on you. I didn’t want to say it to your face so I don't have to remind you to close your mouth again. Dinner at The Crown Restaurant by 6pm? I felt so relieved. At least my effort didn't go to waste.
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