Is My Menstrual Period Normal? Find out using these 6 signs

How do you know if; your flow is too heavy or too light, your pain is normal or not, your period is regular or irregular?

In the video below, Stephanie Nyong teaches 6 signs you should look out for in order to find out if your menstrual periods is normal or not.

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Stephanie Nyong
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Stephanie O. Nyong is a seasoned health educator and content strategist at Health Platforms International where she empowers individuals especially women and girls with knowledge and skills to prevent and manage a number of health conditions. She is the founder of BE-ME Africa, a Breast Examination and Menstrual Education project for young girls. Stephanie also organises pop-up clinics regularly to provide affordable quality healthcare services to a target population. She is admired in the industry and has the capacity to deliver on the current demand for health literacy for improved health outcomes in Nigeria. You can connect with her across all social media handles @stephanie_nyong

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