The Proper Self-Breast Examination Tutorial- Learn how to do it yourself


Many women find performing a self-breast examination confusing at first but as time as goes on, they become better at it. In other words, consistency will help you become a pro at it. Just start first and keep at it….

This video tutorial teaches you the steps of a proper self-breast examination. It answers questions like: Why do you need to perform a self-breast examination regularly? How do you perform a self-breast examination? What should you be looking out for when you perform a self-breast examination?


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In Choices, Stephanie Nyong teaches the millennial boss lady the steps she needs to take to prevent breast cancer (and a few tips on choosing the right partner… lol) in a romantic fiction story.

The story follows a promising young girl, Danielle, who lost her mum to breast cancer very early in her life. Her Father was all she had and they had a bond so tight no one could ever break until he decided to take a new bride. This unfavorable change fueled her determination to find answers concerning her mother’s death. In doing this, she found her purpose in life starting her career as a Medical Doctor and her journey through self-awareness began.

The Slogan, “Doctors save lives” was very much what Danielle lived by every day of her life. She had no other obligation than fulfilling this to the best of her abilities. Having to make the choice of a life partner between two potential suitors with very distinct character traits was the only problem she assumed she had until she accidentally discovered a lump in her breast and her life came to a pause.

Would she suffer and die from the same condition that snatched her mother’s life or fight to stay alive? Would she be open to receive love or beg to be loved? It is her choice to make!



I had the opportunity to work closely with Stephanie when she served as a youth corper at my work place. As a health educator she showed a lot of interest in breast and cervical screening. I was always in awe of her enthusiasm and I watched her grow daily. She could ask questions for Africa, thank God I didn’t shame my medical degree. So it wasn’t a surprise to me when she mentioned the book she was writing called “Choices”. I had the privilege of going through the manuscript and I couldn’t but be proud of how well put together and researched the book was. It served the necessary information about breast cancer in a very easy to read format for even the non medically inclined. Every information flowed seamlessly and was well understood. Did I mention I enjoyed the romance too, very clean and subtle. I always knew Stephanie was a special lady and the world ain’t seen nothing yet as to what she has to offer- Dr Ayo Akenzua, GP Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, Lagos.


Let me introduce you all to this amazing book titled ‘CHOICES’ . I’ll start by saying that I’m not one for fictional novels however this book got me, from the very first chapter. The characters are so relatable and I found myself imagining each page as I flipped through. Intriguingly I could not drop the book even though I knew I had a life and needed to live it. But I finally got to finish the book in a few days after getting it, buzzed the author @stephanienyong and she was surprised . Strikingly once I was done with the book i went to the mirror to give myself an examination . Lest I forget damn Diran !!!!!!! If you want to know who he is and why get your copy of the book. Thanks @ for making me a part of this cause- Dr Mworina Ndaka, GP,Advanced Videoscopic Laparoscopic Surgical and Oncological Centre, Abuja ❤❤

Get your copy here for 3000 Naira if you are in Lagos or Abuja

Get your copy here for 4000 Naira if you are outside Lagos or Abuja

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Stephanie O. Nyong is a seasoned health educator and content strategist at Health Platforms International where she empowers individuals especially women and girls with knowledge and skills to prevent and manage a number of health conditions. She is the founder of BE-ME Africa, a Breast Examination and Menstrual Education project for young girls. Stephanie also organises pop-up clinics regularly to provide affordable quality healthcare services to a target population. She is admired in the industry and has the capacity to deliver on the current demand for health literacy for improved health outcomes in Nigeria. You can connect with her across all social media handles @stephanie_nyong

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