Toyosi Ogunmekan, an advocate for sickle cell and the Founder of Warrior Story Ng shares her experience on how she discovered a lump in her breast and took it out

Toyosi Ogunmekan of Warrior Story NG, Dr Femi Olaleye of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation and a shot of the breast lump removed after a lumpectomy procedure.

I know it’s beginning to sound like a cliche but it is the truth. “Early detection is key”. Toyosi never planned on going to the clinic on that particular day. To say the truth,  she had been procrastinating her visit to the clinic for a very long time and I decided to take her there myself.

On getting there, we were indeed happy and grateful that we came through.

The picture above shows the breast lump after it was removed. You can take a close look.

Here’s her testimonial on her IG page @warriorstoryng below

I told y’all I’d gist you why I’ve embarked on this “healthy lifestyle”.
I’ve always been curious about my health but for some reasons I don’t know I wasn’t interested in doing some check up, I’ve been using mouth to go for a breast examination….rather, I felt it wasn’t bothered about it because I felt I usually do it myself and there was “nothing” there.

On one very hot Friday afternoon, I and my very good friend @stephanie_nyong aka The Health Teacher had a meeting and after she drove me to @optimalcancerfoundation see me thinking “maybe she wants to see someone” but alas! we got in and she said “I brought her for breast and cervical screening” lol anyways I agreed to have the screening done.

So I lay on the examination bed and in mind I’m like this nurse sha won’t find anything only for her to start pausing and checking again then she called her colleague to also check….i already starting sweating at this time because many things had already started running through my head.
She asked me to sit up and started explaining that she noticed a lump in my breast and I had to do a scan….after that line I just went blank, all I could think of was “I’ve not finished with sickle cell and now I’m adding “cancer” to it🙆🏾 I scheduled for a scan and was advised to remove the lump, though it was benign which made me a bit calm but the thought of going under the knife scared me.
Thankfully I had the lumpectomy done, thanks to @drfemi and his team at @optimalcancerfoundation #coolpeoples
Ladies! Get screened today! ☺
#breastscreening #lumpectomy #breastcancerawareness #healthcheck #routine #warriorstoryng

If you will like to get screened or have any questions or concerns about what or how you feel your breasts, you can talk to us here and we will get in touch with you immediately.

To learn more about how to prevent breast cancer, what to do if you feel a lump or something you are not sure of, get the short video/ audio course

I know there are still those ladies who examine their breasts frequently. Kudos!

Are you confused on how to go about examining your breasts, get the breast examination glove here. It helps to make your fingers more sensitive when examining your breasts 

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Cheers to a healthier you


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