Whether a lady has one or multiple sexual partners, she still stands the risk of Cervical Cancer!

Having multiple sexual partners is not the cause of cervical cancer. Yes! it increases the risk but it is definitely not the cause of cervical cancer. In other words, if you have had just one or two sexual  partners your entire life, you still stand the risk.

Last year i shared a story about a lady who married her husband as a virgin and tested positive to the virus 2 years later. Initially , she blamed her husband for being responsible for her predicament. You wont blame her for thinking that way and making life difficult for her  husband. At the end though she had to give it a critical thought and headed straight to the clinic to get her screening and treatment done. You can read her story here 

In situations like this, its almost unavoidable to ask yourself questions like; Is this what I get for being faithful to a man? Why will i be tested positive when i am not promiscuous ? There are really a long list of questions but we will not be going into all of that.

A simple question i will want to ask is; Do we really have to blame the men all the time? My answer will be  No because we have to take responsibility for our well-being at all times. Cervical cancer screening  lasts for about 10 minutes and the good news is the early stages of the infection can be treated. So why neglect getting yourself screened and treated to end blaming someone else living his life.

Another month for Cervical Cancer awareness is here again. Do not let it go without getting a screening. You will be happy you did at the end. The reason why most people shy away from getting thier screening done is FEAR. Some others are not even interested because they believe what you don’t know won,t kill you. C’mmon that’s not a good approach to improving your health and wellbeing.

Cervical Cancer does not just happen. Cervical cancer happens when an infection is left untreated for some years. This is why now is the best time to get screened and treated if need be. Now you may want to answer the question; how long have you been sexually active?

Throughout the month ill be bringing to you more interesting articles to educate and give you all the necessary ginger you need to take action if you know what i mean *laughs*

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Cheers to a healthier you.

Stephanie Nyong
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Stephanie O. Nyong is a seasoned health educator and content strategist at Health Platforms International where she empowers individuals especially women and girls with knowledge and skills to prevent and manage a number of health conditions. She is the founder of BE-ME Africa, a Breast Examination and Menstrual Education project for young girls. Stephanie also organises pop-up clinics regularly to provide affordable quality healthcare services to a target population. She is admired in the industry and has the capacity to deliver on the current demand for health literacy for improved health outcomes in Nigeria. You can connect with her across all social media handles @stephanie_nyong

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